Noyan Made Capitol of Glavni Province & Cyntell and Kir Islands Separated Into Two Provinces

As Aenderia shapes into a modern nation, the 5 settlements established on Aenderia (Jyilzyem, Noyan, Port Charbonneau, Gunda, and Kirina) have been divided into provinces. Earlier, the provinces and cities were as followed:

Glavni Province: Jyilzyem, Port Charbonneau, and Noyan (Capitol: Jyilzyem)

Cyntell and Kir Islands: Gunda (Capitol: Gunda)

However, with new shape overtaking Aenderia, Jyilzyem separated into its own district, and will become the federal district of Aenderia; which will not be considered a province, but a district. However, Jyilzyem is surrounded by the Glavni province, and seceded to become its own district. This makes Noyan (the second-largest city of Aenderia,) a willing candidate to become the capital of Glavni.

Also, Cyntell and Kir Islands have been separated, and a new settlement was created in the Kir Islands, on the outlier island. (map shown below)

Cyntell & Kir Islands

The “New Radoslavia” is a proposed region for the Czech micronation of the Republic of Radoslavia after Azerbas informed Russell Gilzem that Moravia claimed all the land of Radoslavia. The proposed region is to give Radoslavia land, but will have to become a part of Aenderia.

Therefore, the shape of Aenderia was created in the current 3 provinces, 1 district, and 1 proposed region that make up the Republic of Aenderia.


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